Value System

We care for everyone….this is what we want to do in simple terms. When we first envisioned on starting ECONIC, sustainability was the core concept in our minds. Being conscious about the environment and the planet is the need of the hour and we try and motivate everyone around us and our future generations to take steps and direct their actions responsibly for the environment. Reuse and recycle is being encapsulated in everything  around.  

We therefore have been keen and conscious on aspects of ethical sourcing of natural dyed handloom fabrics, zero wastage and reuse of raw materials along with eco-friendly packaging of our products. We encourage optimal use of energy and production material. In the near future, we plan to recycle the used water during the dyeing process for water conservation too.

We are open to new ideas and suggestions for consistent growth towards sustainability. We strive to continuously learn through seminars, workshops and  interactions in order to keep abreast  with the global  changes in the fashion industry. Sustainability being a process in itself, we try to continuously practice and learn from our daily activities to attain as much as we can.

Sustainability is the heart of our foundation which we also try to propagate amongst our colleagues and associates and thereby  treat everyone  working in Econic Clothing with fair pay and observe rules and regulations as per the guidelines of the available law.

We market our products or services with set standards and regulations in terms of quality, safety, and provide transparent, reliable and fair information so as to maintain a transparent process of the supply chain and all related and informed clientele.

We have a no tolerance policy towards misuse of company’s property and assets. All team members are liable to be respectful to their workspace and use it well.

All team members maintain confidentiality regarding the work process happening inside Econic. Anyone who breaches this would be subject to expulsion from all duties. We don't accept any kind of deception leading to fraudulent activities.