Our Story

Clothes are one of the most creative ways of expressing individuality and lifestyle. But today’s fast fashion scene has proven to be detrimental to both humans and mother nature and is changing to meet the demands of the new market with conscious consumers and new trends such as green textiles, environment sustainability, circularity and ecofriendly and organic clothings.  Focussing on the new trends of ecofriendly and sustainable clothing and also to shoulder the responsibility to protect  and preserve the environment of our mother earth, Sanghamitra and  Mayuree started Econic with a mission to design ethical products .They  decided to start this holistic approach to design clothes by blending the traditional indigenous wisdom of our communities , scientific data on social and environmental impact and forecasted consumer clothing needs.  Econic aims to  provide comfortable , easy to wear, breathable and sustainable clothing to the little ones and also our women friends.