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Indigo Dyeing Workshop

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13th and 14th May

Details about the Indigo Dyeing Workshop!
The session will be LIVE and carried out online over Google Meets in the course of 2 days, 3 hours per day.


The schedule of the workshop would be as follows:

Day 1

  • We will discuss about the history of Indigo dyeing and the varying cultures that used to practise Indigo Dyeing in different regions.
  • Discussion on types of Indigo plants and how it varies from one to the other.
  • Understanding the process of indigo extraction and the chemical reactions that take place to apply it on textiles.
  • Local communities practising Natural Indigo Dyeing and some traditional recipes.
  • Indian crafts involved in Indigo dyeing and its techniques.


Day 2

  • Preparation of fabrics for dyeing in the Indigo Vat.
  • Learning the technicalities of colour extraction from Indigo.
  • Understanding and preparing 5 organic vats with multiple different ingredients for a large range of blues in your royal palette.


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