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Econic Clothing

Natural Dyeing Workshop Online

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06th and 07th May

Details about the Natural Dyeing Workshop!
The session will be LIVE and carried out online over Google Meets in the course of 2 days, 3 hours per day.

What will you learn?

The schedule of the workshop would be as follows:

Day 1

- We will talk about the history of natural dyeing and the cultures of the materials from where they come from. 

-Discussion on what is a mordant and how it affects the colour? Different types of mordants and how to use them. -Discussion on how can we make the most of the kitchen waste to dye our fabrics and in the meanwhile we will learn how to mordant as well.

Day 2

- Learning about dye baths and how the heat affects the colour, also how the colours of the dye differs according to the structure of the fibre/fabric. 

- Making dye baths together and also you can dye with us from your kitchen to understand the process better from the materials at your house which are easily available.

- Learning post processing treatments and cares instructions for naturally dyed fabrics and fibres.

Please note-

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
colourfully interesting

Very informative teaching, learnt different techniques for dyeing. Who knew natural substances had such good properties, damn those vibrant colours we got. This class leaves u more than satisfied and happy.

manav rajeev rajeev
Vibrant educational and entertaining

Ma'am is an expert facilitator she has immense knowledge about dyes and colours. We had lots of fun and the learning curve was beautiful just like the natural colours we made during the span of the course. Had lots of fun.

Kashish Mour
I really really enjoyed a lot and gained a lot of knowledge of doing the workshop....

I gained a lot of knowledge while doing the workshop...It really good to know that without using the chemical also....we can dye a product or a fabric and it gives such a wonderful and beautiful colour..I would also like to keep this thing as a future scope for me...

Bhavya Singh
Superb workshop for anyone beginning their natural dyes journey.

Had an amazing time learning the nitty gritties of Natural dyeing in this two day workshop with Sanghmitra, who apart from very methodical and knowledgeable in the art, is also an extremely generous, pro active and kind person, in sharing her knowledge & what most would keep well hidden-their sources. I am very happy with the knowledge i gained here and can't wait to start my dyeing journey. My best wishes to Sanghmitra and Econicclothing. Thank you.